We manage 200+ online stores, in a wide range of industries:
Pharmaceuticals  /  Builders  /  Agriculture  /  Construction  /  Schools  /  Automotive  /  Oil & Gas  /  Communications  /  Computers  / 
Investment  /  Retail Sales  /  Cruise Lines  /  Banking  /  Electronics  /  Medical Supply  /  Airlines  /  Non-profits  /  Food & Beverage  / 
Tourism  /  Restaurants  /  Health Care  /  Real Estate  /  College & Universities  /  Insurance  /  Transportation  /  Foundations  / 
Financial  /  Accounting  /  Law  /  Hotel/Lodging
Our creative team & web development team work together creating & advancing your store. Offering a wide range of options, and always faithful to your brand.
Distribution Center:

• Newly Renovated

• Streamlined Packing

• Branded White Boxes
Distribution Center Storage
Distribution Center Packing


Both large and small, with industry experience reaching back 100+ years with 25 years in corporate programs.
We know how to lower your costs, and will leverage our purchasing on your behalf, driving down your expenses to enrich your bottom line.


Any Product. Any Need.  More than 750,000 products to choose from.

  Trade Show    |    General Promotion   |   Corporate Gifts   |   Recognition Awards   |   Personal Purchases   |   Sales Incentives   |   Safety Programs   |   And More!


Clients say they love that we manage their store, because we make it:
Inventory Control:
Your merchandise handled for you.
Efficiently. Carefully.
Intuitive Navigation:
Visitors find what they are looking for...
Quick & Easy.
You have the important information that can:
Save you money and make more sales.



We Listen.
Discuss your theme, budget & time frame. Buyers, whose sole charge is product selection, will find new & innovative products for you.

Geiger takes away the worry.
Your dedicated program manager and local sales partner are there for you.
All your needs are met ✓
Your program is always operating as it should ✓

Real people, representing your company.
• A highly trained call center staff available 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday
• 24 hour voicemail
• 24 hour fax lines


Click the button below to download the questionnaire. Enter details about your current online store and return to us. Your answers will help us provide you with a custom solution. Or email Director of Sales, Rob Kilgore at with any questions.